Become A Flying Ace

Join Our Crew.

Our Flying Aces program gives Teague designers and strategists essential access to the people who will actually use the products, services, and experiences we're designing for the future. Flying Aces are experts at the frontlines of the commercial aviation industry—including pilots, flight attendants, passengers, and maintenance and operations professionals—who are pre-screened to participate in design research. Insights from the Flying Aces contribute to making the world of commercial aviation a better place, one experience at a time.

Pilots contribute a valuable understanding of a broad range of cabin environment needs, especially complex spaces like the flight deck.

Flight attendants know more than anyone about what it takes to deliver stellar service while also ensuring the safety of a diverse mix of passengers.

Catering teams provide perspectives on the intricacies of great in-flight experiences within the context of demanding schedules.

Maintenance and engineering technicians offer important viewpoints on operational inefficiencies and potential innovations across materials and equipment.

Passengers are the ultimate end-users of the air travel experience and possess a personalized frame of reference on its challenges and opportunities.

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