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Focus Area

Experience and Systems Prototyping.

OUR expertise

The future of everything.

Your ideas are realized in Teague’s 27,000 square foot workshop where our designers, builders, and clients collaborate using cutting-edge technology and tools. Digital and physical modalities come together to validate and model your products and experiences at any fidelity.


Design, realized.

We bring user testing, design, modeling, and fabrication together to prototype your products under one roof.


Research and Development

Robotics, human factors research, and electromechanics are leveraged to push design and technology into uncharted territory.


Extended Reality

Interactive technology is used to iterate prototypes quickly across hybrid workspaces, allowing clients to weigh in on mockups from across the globe.


Mechanical Design

Expert digital sculpting techniques are used to create and test new systems and machines.


Technical Design & Build

Mockups and prototypes of every fidelity and scale are developed and built by an interdisciplinary team that includes skilled craftspeople, designers, and technicians.


Ideation to creation.

Teague has developed a practice of iterative prototyping that is fundamental to every project we do—we call it "thinking through making” and it’s how we bridge strategy with execution. This way of working ensures we quickly deliver solutions that are aligned with your business—and loved by your customers.

Iterative process in-house.

We leverage interdisciplinary teams to bring leading-edge product and service experiences to life using a wide range of technologies for design evaluation, product visualization, pilot study, and user testing. Push the design process forward, protect project timelines, and reduce risk of supply chain delays by utilizing our workshop.

Explore in any fidelity.

We have unmatched capabilities when it comes to developmental mockups, including exploratory foam shapes, high-fidelity mockups with functional performance for user research, and sales-quality mockups with digital integration. Teague designs and produces mockup elements quickly compared to other vendors, all while controlling quality and costs by choosing the appropriate fidelity for the work at every phase.

Active collaboration.

Visit Teague to handle your prototypes, provide feedback, and iterate with us in real-time, enabling an unprecedented level of awareness and collaboration. Working through the engineering and technical requirements, design, and build in-house allows us to share invaluable insights with you, your partners, and suppliers.

Top security protocols.

Your project stays within a secure area limited to special access. We are ITAR, EAR and NIST-800 56 compliant, and always ready to take on sensitive projects. Confidentiality covers the basic requirement. Absolutely secrecy is what we promise.


Validation creates confidence.

Properly tested mockups and prototypes allow your team to proceed to production with all the information and modifications needed to manufacture your product correctly the first time around.


Reduce risk.

Once product needs are defined, prototypes become a critical tool to continually validate design and engineering decisions. Our team builds validation vehicles—testbeds that are continually refreshed to represent the latest engineering. These tools are used to conduct user studies and test fit prior to manufacturing. Using validation vehicles creates confidence in design decisions by catching potential issues before they result in schedule slides and budget overruns.


Accelerate speed to market.

Prototyping allows for an iterative development process. By creating a prototype, you can quickly test and refine your ideas, identify areas for improvement, and make adjustments well before implementation. This iterative approach enables you to learn from each iteration, leading to more efficient and effective designs. It empowers you to make informed decisions and develop better products, services, and solutions more quickly.


Drive adoption.

Prototypes are used to elicit feedback and provide an opportunity to incorporate your stakeholder’s preferences. Your mockup can also be used for human factors research and user testing to ensure ease of use in your market, and you can physically interact with the product in person or through virtual reality to give precise feedback. By demonstrating the product’s viability, you can increase stakeholder buy-in and foster wider adoption in the market.

I choose Teague because they are an excellent partner for exploring new experiences that people will have with technology—whether using a laptop in a new way or riding in an autonomous vehicle. I can count on Teague to work with me through the twists and turns of a project.

Matt Yurdana

User Experience Director, IoT Experiences | Intel


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