Teague Off World Explorer

New-era astronauts: future space explorers & the off-world workforce.

Over the past decade, many new private players have entered the space arena, and more and more companies are joining them with new ideas. Commercialization has already changed the shape of the space industry and the future of human space exploration—creating new pathways for business that will expand the "space-to-Earth" and "space-to-space" economies. In the coming years, who and how people live and work in space will look radically different as broader off-world access becomes increasingly available to more diverse audiences.

So, who exactly makes up this new audience? And how can space companies meet the growing requirements, needs, and aspirations of their expanding customer base?

As we transition from the era of government-led space missions to the commercial space industry of the future, we expect nine unique personas to represent current and potential target customers for future space missions.

Download this report to learn more about:
—How design can help align business and mission goals with customer needs.
—Emerging needs of future space explorers and the off-world workforce.
—The type of work that will be conducted in space, both near and long term.

The purpose of customer personas is to guide product strategy, conceptualization, and strategy implementation. Creating personas that drive the empathy and insight required to meet expectations and deliver value that improves mission performance isn’t easy; it’s a process—one Teague’s been perfecting since the early days of the ISS. We hope you find these personas useful for your space-related developments.