Teague Off World Explorer

New-era astronauts: future space explorers & the off-world workforce.

Over the past decade, the space industry has advanced at warp speed. According to NASA, more has been accomplished in the pursuit of space exploration in the last 15 years than in the first 50 years of aviation. Commercialization has already and will continue to change the shape of the space industry. As a result, who goes to space and how people live and work in space will look radically different in the coming years as broader off-world access becomes increasingly available to more diverse audiences.

So, who exactly makes up this new audience? And how can space industry pioneers meet the growing requirements, needs, and aspirations of their expanding customer base?

Download the New-Era Astronauts report to learn more about:

  • How human-centered design can help align mission goals with customer needs.
  • Personas that represent current and target customers for future space missions.
  • Emerging wants and needs of future space explorers and the off-world workforce.