Home Team Advantage at 40,000 ft.

An Airplane for Athletes

Studies prove that the home team's advantage is a lot less about the effects of raucous crowds and a lot more about the negative effects of travel on the visiting team, which create an “away disadvantage.” So we designed an aircraft for elite athletes designed to mitigate the away disadvantage.

Designing the Ideal “Away” Facility.

Every professional team is focused on attracting the best players and getting the best performance out of those players. Modern weight rooms, better playing surfaces, and cutting-edge rehabilitation spaces all contribute to this. But something obvious is missing: investments in how professional sports team travel. So we collaborated with other researchers, strategists, and designers at Nike to develop a highly customized Boeing 787 Dreamliner interior. 

Recovery. Circulation. Sleep. Preparation.

We focused on four areas of athlete performance that aren’t addressed by the commercial charters most teams use today. Recovery areas neutralize the negative effects of air travel on the body and accelerate injury diagnosis and treatment through in-flight biometrics and analysis. Ice- and compression sleeves built directly into the aircraft’s sidewall foster circulation and promote healing. Noise-reducing technologies and lie-flat seats/beds designed for the extreme body proportions of many athletes create ideal sleeping conditions. And mental preparation is supported through OLED screens and large touchscreen monitors that enable individuals and groups to review game film while in-transit. 




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