Anticipating Disruption.

The Airline Reimagined

Disruptive innovations are mostly invisible right up until they turn industries on their heads. So we prototyped a brand-new, startup airline of the future so that airlines operating today can anticipate and replicate the disruptive innovations of tomorrow.

Envisioning an Airline of the Future.

With Poppi, we didn’t want to just envision a bunch of loosely connected potential innovations. Instead, our goal was to create a cohesive concept for a future airline. To do this, we organized all of our design innovations around three core principles: “Love Over Loyalty”—making Poppi actually worthy of passenger affection; “Know the Journey”—designing touch points that are tailored to the unique moments comprising a passenger’s journey with Poppi; and, “Membership Matters”—creating a business model that goes beyond fare-based transactions.       

Challenging the Status Quo.

Poppi presents reasoned alternatives to some of commercial aviation’s most deeply entrenched practices, including how airlines handle bags and the way cabins are organized mostly by the amount of space between seats. Controversially, Poppi eliminates most carry-on luggage in favor of smaller “fedora” bins that only hold computer bags and other small personal items, and the direct-to-destination transfer of larger bags. Poppi also reorients cabin classes around experiences, including the repositioning of middle seats as “promotional class” in which passengers in those seats receive products from other brands and Poppi receives sponsorship revenue from those brands. 


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