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Human-centered design for space.

Teague is the only design consultancy with extensive experience partnering with private-sector space companies, government agencies, and Fortune 100 aerospace OEMs. Our design and strategic foresight services can help you better understand new customers, identify market opportunities, navigate complexity, and quickly move your vision to market reality.




Featured work

Navigate complexity.

As the space industry evolves, so does its complexity. Complex challenges take time to understand. Our approach to design brings strategy, design, and execution together to help you and your teams break down complex problems to develop practical and innovative solutions quickly. Explore our recent work.

Digital Innovation

Mission critical design systems.

In high-risk environments, usable and clear interface design can keep interconnected systems from cascading into catastrophe.

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Environmental design

To the Moon and beyond.

Applying human-centered design principles to future space habitats creates environments that perform better for longer periods of time.

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Lab in space

Some projects are too good to share with everyone.

From the early days of the ISS to NASA's Mars Dune Alpha and the space stations of tomorrow, Teague's client portfolio in space is as expansive as it is diverse—it's also confidential.

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Featured Clients

Bold brands making big moves.

Our client partners range from startups to the world’s best-known brands across space, aviation, defense, technology, and beyond. What they have in common is the audacity to shape the future.

Client Testimonial

Teague's approach to design and the team's understanding of our unique business challenges provides mission-critical advantages that improve current and future capabilities.

Marvin Anselm

Principal Program Manager | BAE Systems

Insight report

New-era astronauts.

The commercial space industry is opening new opportunities that demand a more diversified space workforce—professionals from various industries, cultures, and backgrounds. Meet your future customers.

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Are you ready to make a bold move?

Whether you're looking to improve mission performance or gain a competitive brand advantage, human-centered design can help.

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