Designing the Bike of the Future.

The Ultimate Urban Bike

As part of Oregon Manifest’s Bike Design Project, we set out to answer one big question: how can we inspire more people to commute via bicycle?

The Ultimate Urban Utility Bike.

We start every project with empathy, an honest sense of the real lives of real people. For DENNY, this meant understanding why non-bicyclists are reluctant to leave their cars at home and commute via bicycle. Three factors emerged: rider safety—the fear of being hit by a car, bicycle security—worries about investing in a bike only to have it stolen, and everyday convenience—concerns about issues like stowage and getting too sweaty. We focused every design innovation on addressing these factors. 

Purpose-driven Innovations, Fully Integrated.

DENNY integrates several first-ever features, including: automatic running lights that turn on when the bike is in motion and turn off when the bike is stationary for more than two minutes, an auto-shifting 11-speed hub with electric pedal assist for brushing off monster hills, and a breakthrough lock design that transforms the handlebar into a giant U-lock. These innovations started out as concepts and then a fully functioning prototype. DENNY ultimately won the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project, capturing the imagination of millions, and inspiring an industry to rethink what's possible.


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Oregon Manifest: The Bike Design Project