Taking Business Class Even Higher.

Collins Aerospace + Panasonic Avionics
Waterfront Suite

Business class seats have always offered an exceptional physical experience. But the physical experience—the hardware—is only half the equation now. So we collaboratively designed a next-generation business class seat that cohesively unifies both physical and digital touch points.

Tailored for Every Passenger.

Waterfront is the first business class seat to offer every passenger direct aisle access in a high-density seating configuration and the first to offer individual temperature controls. These firsts are complemented further through a novel seat mechanism that provides infinite adjustability to head, leg, and back-rest settings for a truly personalized fit. The seat is also designed to move seamlessly between different positions based on the passenger’s activities, from a fully upright position optimized for working or dining to a 79-inch lie-flat bed, with full-spectrum LED lighting automatically adjusting to each position.         

Totally Immersive.

Waterfront also considers every aspect of the passenger’s digital experience. The seat features a best-in-class inflight entertainment and connectivity system with an unprecedented 24-inch 4K touchscreen in an edge-to-edge glass structure. Charging stations for personal devices are fully integrated into the design through a connectivity-rich “sandbox”; AC power, inductive charging, and multiple USB ports are all available. Personal devices brought onboard by passengers are also supported by Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, allowing seamless integration with the 4K display. 


Collins Aerospace + Panasonic Avionics

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