Unified Efficiency.

Digital & Physical Design Language

Growing Pains.

Honeywell’s Sensing and Productivity group delivers solutions for companies across the world. They aim to provide real-time safety intelligence, increase worker productivity, and enrich operational intelligence.

When their team experienced a wave of strategic growth through numerous worldwide acquisitions, Honeywell partnered with Teague to create the Honeywell Design Language: a comprehensive set of hardware and software guidelines to use when introducing new products. Spanning both digital and physical, the design language harnesses the same durability and quality associated with the Honeywell brand, but through more refined and less overt details.

Digital and Physical in Harmony.

Through the principles of "refined, rugged, and ready", the hardware subtly highlights primary inputs with “Honeywell red”, and focuses on overall ergonomic comfort. The software complements the latter by minimizing UX friction, simplifying the overall form language, and making key points of interaction obvious and intuitive. Together, they combine to create a consistent, state-of-the-art visual brand across the entire portfolio.

The team designed the system as a combined digital and physical effort. In the past, separate teams had tackled each half of the user experience, leading customers to build upon an already fragmented foundation. By having one highly skilled team re-work the hardware and software from the ground up in conjunction, Teague created many time-saving, simple, and massively beneficial features for Honeywells end users.

Subtle. Straightforward. Systematic.

Encompassing the full spectrum of both digital and physical, the design language was created with the goal of equipping Honeywell with a set of comprehensive assets and guidelines that could implemented across their business in order to improve quality, brand recognition, and simplify the new product introduction process. This would allow them to establish a consistent, state-of-the-art visual brand across the entire portfolio.

One Brand, One Million Possibilities.

These guidelines improved efficiency and ergonomics of common tasks performed by everyday end users, saving them time and allowing them to focus on what they want to be doing: interacting with their customers and providing a better service experience. The results reduced the time it took to manage inventory, find drop-off information, and deal with numeric input.

In doing so, we saved seconds on small interactions that were performed thousands of times in a given week, gifting back a significant amount of time to the end user. This is a big win for workers in the industrial space who have highly repetitive tasks, or those in retail who are working to provide a seamless experience to their consumers.

Time Saved, Money Earned.

Through the design language, Honeywell customers spend less time managing the shortcomings of the digital and physical products, and instead spend more time on what they’re good at: building relationships and rapport with their co-workers and clients.

Want to learn more about creating a seamless, scalable physical and digital design language for your brand? Get in touch with the team behind Honeywell's at hello@teague.com.

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