Re-inventing the Largest Form of Mass Transit

A New American Icon

Both technology companies and carmakers are vividly imagining and prototyping the future of autonomous vehicles. But what about the future commutes of our kids? Hannah is a conceptual reinvention of an American icon—the yellow school bus—for the age of autonomy.

Zero streets crossed. Zero downtime.

The centralized stops of today’s hub-and-spoke school bus routes require kids to cross streets. This puts them at risk during busy morning and afternoon commute times. To eliminate this scenario altogether, Hannah vehicles operate point-to-point, picking up every kid directly in front of their residence. Hannah vehicles are able to do this because they don’t have a front or back “end”; they are palindromic (thus the name, “Hannah”) which allows them to move forward and backward, and left and right, seamlessly, with sliding doors and ramps on both sides. And when they’re not transporting kids—which, in a 24-hour cycle is actually most of the time—Hannah vehicles use standardized inserts to double as roving Amazon hubs, Redbox kiosks, charitable donation bins, and much more. 

Always connected. Always ready to act.

While Hannah vehicles are driverless, Hannah actually delivers better supervision than today’s school buses. To understand this, consider whether it’s actually possible for a human driver to supervise 50+ kids while also driving. The answer is most likely not. Compared to those 50+seat behemoths, Hannah vehicles are six-seaters. In addition to enabling point-to-point routes, this right-sizes the number of kids in any one vehicle to be supervised in the first place, creating an environment that’s more akin to a carpool. Then, Hannah’s artificial intelligence brings the power of asynchronous computing to the school bus, managing everything from on-board operations to dynamic rerouting, all while being able to simultaneously communicate with educators and parents wherever they are. Paired with a fleet monitor with a real-time view of both inside and outside the vehicle, Hannah always knows what’s happening—and what to do next.