From Respect to Love.

Air Canada
787 Dreamliner Passenger Experience

We partnered with Air Canada, Canada’s flag carrier and largest airline, to reimagine how its brand is expressed through the onboard passenger experience ahead of its purchase of 60 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Co-creating the Future of a Brand.

Working from Seattle and Montreal, the interdisciplinary team defined the status quo of the Air Canada brand and, critically, the key ways it wanted to outperform this status quo. Research revealed that passengers respected Air Canada, but didn’t feel a strong emotional connection to the brand. So moving the brand from respected to loved became the project’s mantra and essential outcome, anchoring all decisions to what would best achieve this objective.

Experience Before Elements.

In aviation, decisions are often dictated by the design of individual elements beforehand—e.g., a business class seat or monument structure. But we knew that this sequence interferes with creating a cohesive spatial experience and emphasizes dissonant details rather than an orchestrated, singular impression. To avoid this, we worked to define the overall perception of the cabin first, and then designed the elements—seats, monuments, fabrics, etc.—that would collectively create that experience.


Air Canada


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