Goodbye, Hot Mess.

Rockwell Collins
Essence Inserts Collection

Aircraft galley inserts are typically dinged metal monoliths that are not easy on the eyes. And yet they’re often front-and-center to passengers as they enter the airplane, creating the equivalent of hotel guests entering through a cluttered kitchen. Together with B/E, we believed there was a lot of room for improvement.

Design Innovation for the Galley. Finally.

Galley inserts are mostly unchanged since the introduction of the modern airplane galley in wide body aircraft in the 1960s. Gray, ugly, and heavy, inserts also lack a common design language across platforms, resulting in an inconsistent user experience. The Essence Inserts Collection from Rockwell Collins brings much-needed design innovation to the galley, giving airlines the very first complete family of galley insert products. 

Easier, Lighter, and Lovelier.

The Essence Inserts Collection delivers unrivaled aesthetics. Compared to other galley inserts, the visual presence of these galley inserts is, well, incomparable. But there’s more to this story: the Essence Inserts Collection completely reinvents the user experience through intuitive digital interfaces and improved ergonomics, all while using power more efficiently and significantly reducing weight, which means everything onboard an aircraft.

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