Prototyping The Social Laptop.

Personal Billboard

We’re increasingly immersed in our digital landscapes, often at the cost of face-to-face encounters. So we explored an entirely new interaction model for interacting digitally with others in physical spaces.

Expressing Yourself Dynamically.

Project Billboard is focused on designing potential ways of bridging the gap between digital and in-person interactions. In collaboration with Intel Research, we created a modified, two-screen Ultrabook that allows users to express themselves on the exterior display while interacting with others’ posts on the user-facing screen. Then we observed how users put the prototype to use in a variety of real-world environments, so we could test our assumptions and get feedback about use-case scenarios that we hadn’t even imagined. 

Field Research in the Wild.

We interviewed 64 participants in 10 environments known for face-to-face interactions—from cafés and lounges to collaborative workspaces. Using the working prototypes allowed us to collect quantitative metadata during these observational interviews, which we analyzed alongside qualitative survey results from the participants. Both data sets surfaced behavioral patterns. Ultimately, these patterns helped inform a new set of use-case concepts for how people might use this type of device in the future.  




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