Xbox Maker Mix.

Roger Jackson
Associate Creative Director

Roger Jackson
Roger leads multidisciplinary creative teams focused on blending digital and physical design to create products and experiences that inspire people, and change the way we live

There was a bit of ruckus here at the TEAGUE recently. And to be honest, as people started poking their heads into the common area to see what was going on, the cohesively communicated response was "… Working!" But of course none of us could say that while holding back that "play time" grin more commonly associated with playgrounds in the summer…so what was all the chaos about? And before we even tell you, let us make one thing super clear: YES you definitely want to be part of it next time. 

We invited a few friends from the Microsoft Xbox team over, threw in a few designers from our end and decided that whatever will happen will happen. The brief was simple: pick an input and output and make something. "Erhhh…something like what?" What does that even mean? Well anything, and everything, so long as you provide enough rhyme and reason for its existence! And trust me that is particularly exciting when you fish the word TUMBLEWEED out of the 'input hat'!!!

The workshop was nothing short of surprising, and in less than a full day's worth of work our four teams ideated, prototyped and created a presentation pitch for a working product idea…yes, the rumors are in fact true: there was a pet tumbleweed and a glitter shooting cannon. 
The Maker Mix is a true reflection of the endless possibilities of prototyping that we explore every day in the field of design and innovation. Platforms like Arduino, laser cutters, 3D printers and duct-tape have enabled a whole range of designers to test design and interaction ideas across an endless amount of disciplines. The biggest lesson from the day was when you remove the boundaries and invite marketing, PR, industrial design, and interaction design peeps to collaborate for half a day, real magic can happen. The coolest thing of all, is that it's never too late to start, ANYONE can make something, test an idea, inspire yourself, and inspire others while you simply have fun. 

Thank you Microsoft for coming out to play with us for a day. We can't wait to do it again!