Women in Motion: The Latest Trends.

For some time now, TEAGUE’s downtown Seattle studio has hosted a monthly Women’s Discussion Group where we chat openly about issues related to women in the workplace, our feelings toward current events, and diversity and inclusion across the design industry.

It’s only natural that over the past year, the #MeToo movement has sparked some lively debates within our team, and as a part of our creative process, we dove deep in researching related trends that influence our work across the travel and technology industries.

Suffice it to say, the issue is a personal one. Comprised of professionals at various stages in our careers, each woman on our team has (sadly) encountered situations while traveling, both globally and in our own neighborhoods, that have ranged from unsettling to downright threatening.

As creatives specializing in future of mobility for the human race, these appalling yet unfortunately common experiences are ones we’re passionate about improving for women across the globe, and for anyone else who may confront the issue of safety and discrimination when traveling throughout their lives.

TEAGUE Women in Motion Trend Report 

Sharing our Discoveries                                                      

Our first step in this journey was to investigate what it means to be a woman in the modern age of travel and mobility. Women still face major safety issues and gender inequalities on their excursions, whether it’s during their daily commutes, at their places of business, or while journeying abroad.                    

Our Women in Motion trend report investigates 5 areas of opportunity that the industries of Hospitality, Travel, Mobility, and Technology should keep in mind when tailoring new products and services for women. In this report, you will find thought-provoking market explorations on these opportunity areas, which can be used by companies of all sizes to promote inclusive thinking during future projects. Here are our areas of focus:                             

  • Women + The Sharing Economy. How can we rebuild trust and empathy?
  • Women + Adventure. What’s broken in solo adventure travel for women?
  • Muslim Women. Why is it important to design for young Muslim travelers?
  • Women + The Street. How can we eradicate fear?
  • Women + Business. What opportunities are being missed by brands looking to target female business travelers?

Through the collection of these trends, TEAGUE’s passion to solve the issue of safe and enjoyable travel experiences for women around the globe has only grown. Our experiment in sharing this report with you today is one we know will fuel our ongoing trend research, and influence the future products and experiences we craft in the name of mobility.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on Twitter at @TEAGUE1926.